CTO as a Service

Life is hard for SaaS founders, but particularly for business founders. Finding tech co-founders is harder than dating. Hiring a CTO is a $400K venture (give or take equity), plus the effort of actually convincing someone to join. Our offering provides the ability to leverage such a senior technocrat as a shared resource when you need to be conservative. This model comes with skin in the game for both parties, while enabling you to plan eventual succession to your own tech team.

  • Discovery & Architecture Foundations

    Assess the technical contours of the problem space, as well as the solution space
  • Technolgy Selection

    Choose a stack that fits the bill, balances risk, time to market and is aligned to market availability of talent
  • Engineering Team Bootstrapping

    Help you identify, recruit and groom key members of your engineering team
  • Ongoing Healthchecks and Advisory

    Periodically assess progress and enable course correction or support