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Platform, Data & API Architecture

At the core of a solid digital foundation lie three essential pillars: Platform, Data, and API architecture. Together, they form the backbone of any platform estate, ensuring stability, scalability, and seamless integration. Perfecting this triad is paramount to unlocking unparalleled digital performance.

  • End-to-End Architecture Review

    Deep dive into your platform, data, and API layers for a holistic architectural assessment.
  • Data Flow & Integration Mapping

    Visualize and optimize how data moves and integrates across your entire digital landscape.
  • API Design & Optimization

    Enhance the efficiency, security, and scalability of your APIs.
  • Platform Scalability Blueprint

    Strategies to ensure your platform can handle growth, traffic spikes, and expanding services.

Performance & Chaos Engineering

Running large-scale distributed platforms on the cloud is both an art and a science. Points of failure can often be concealed within the subtle couplings of systems, potentially triggering cascading failures and global outages. Performance & Chaos Engineering shines a light on these shadowed risks, allowing businesses to dissect, understand, and fortify their digital architectures against unforeseen calamities

  • System Stress Testing

    Simulate extreme scenarios to measure your system's resilience and response times.
  • Vulnerability Analysis

    Identify potential weak points and craft strategies to bolster them.
  • Real-world Failure Simulation

    Recreate real-world adverse conditions to evaluate system performance and recovery.
  • Continuous Monitoring & Feedback

    Stay informed on system health and receive actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Fractional CTO

Steering a tech-driven organization without full-time executive oversight can be like navigating turbulent waters without a seasoned captain. Our Fractional CTO offering bridges this gap. Gain access to high-level technical strategy, leadership, and vision on a fractional basis. Harness strategic insights and expert guidance, tailored to your needs, without the overhead of a full-time position.

  • Discovery & Architecture Foundations

    Assess the technical contours of the problem space, as well as the solution space
  • Technology Selection

    Choose a stack that fits the bill, balances risk, time to market and is aligned to market availability of talent
  • Engineering Team Bootstrapping

    Help you identify, recruit and groom key members of your engineering team
  • Ongoing Healthchecks and Advisory

    Periodically assess progress and enable course correction or support