Cloud Native Engineering Studio

In the digital age, technology is the foundation of growth. A product mindset, coupled with a platform oriented IT operating model in the cloud is the basis of modern digital operations. At Platformatory, we believe this is a state of perpetual evolution and CTIO offices require truly invested, hands-on, strategic partners to deliver RoI.

What do we do?

We help businesses define, design, co-create & scale modern platforms & products, with a focus on APIs, Data & Infrastructure

On field expertise & support

Apache Kafka® Ecosystem & Event Streaming  logo

Apache Kafka® Ecosystem & Event Streaming

Development and partner services for Kafka Streams, KSQL, Kafka Connect Plugins & Kafka clients at large.
Kong API Management logo

Kong API Management

Plugin development (on Lua / OpenResty, Python, Golang, Javascript PDKs), Service Mesh and API Gateway deployments
Kubernetes & CNCF Ecosystem logo

Kubernetes & CNCF Ecosystem

Kubernetes centric development & operations: Custom operators, CRs & Service Brokers & API Extensions