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In the digital age, technology is the foundation of growth. A product mindset, coupled with a platforms oriented operating model in the cloud is the foundation of modern digital operations. At Platformatory, we believe this is a state of perpetual evolution and CTIO offices require truly invested, hands-on, strategic partners to deliver impact.

What do we do?

We help businesses define, design, co-create & scale modern platforms & products, with a focus on APIs, Data & Infrastructure



Ground up operating model & technology enablement for IT & Platform teams


Legacy rehaul for the modernizing enterprise, with a focus towards the cloud


Managed technology office and leadership for early stage SaaS startups

Engineering Excellence

Cloud Native DevOps & SRE

Run ops like a digital native. Lean infra platform teams for enterprises

Data & Event Streaming

Evolve a real-time core for data & app integration

Microservices and APIs

Revitalize APIs through productization and API management at the core

SaaS Product Engineering

Soup to nuts product and platform engineering for early stage SaaS

Custom development, On-field expertise & support

Apache Kafka® Ecosystem & Event Streaming  logo

Apache Kafka® Ecosystem & Event Streaming

Global scale Apache Kafka clusters and stream processing applications at Gigabyte scale throughput and sub-second latencies
Kong, Envoy & Apache Apisix logo

Kong, Envoy & Apache Apisix

Comprehensive service control and high performance API data plane to for web scale traffic
Kubernetes & CNCF Ecosystem logo

Kubernetes & CNCF Ecosystem

Expert driven infrastructure & application assistance for Kubernetes operations across public, private and hybrid cloud setting