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Introduction to Stream processing with Apache Flink

Stream processing transcends the boundaries of traditional data handling, and Apache Flink is a trailblazer in this domain. Explore the depths of stream processing with Flink, mastering real-time data analytics, stateful computations, and ensuring data integrity in a highly distributed environment

Deep dive into Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect bridges the divide between Kafka and other data systems with ease and efficiency. Dive into the realm of Kafka Connect, mastering the art of building scalable and reliable data integrations. Understand connectors, transformations, and error handling, and witness Kafka’s true potential as a data integration hub.

  • Introduction to Kafka Connect & Its Architecture

    Unravel the architecture and core components of Kafka Connect, laying a solid foundation for scalable data integrations.
  • Building Source & Sink Connectors

    Master the intricacies of developing robust source and sink connectors, enabling seamless data ingress and egress to/from Kafka.
  • Transformations & Schema Management

    Dive into Single Message Transforms (SMTs), schema evolution, and data conversion techniques for adaptive data integration.
  • Error Handling & Monitoring

    Understand and implement robust error handling strategies for connectors. Gain insights into monitoring and managing the health of your Kafka Connect clusters.

Apache Kafka Operations at Scale

Apache Kafka stands tall as a linchpin in the realm of real-time data streaming. Mastering its operations is essential for sustaining high-throughput and fault-tolerant data pipelines. Dive deep into the operational intricacies of Kafka, optimizing its setup, maintenance, and performance to ensure data flows uninterruptedly.

  • Kafka Cluster Setup & Configuration

    Establish a strong foundation by learning the essentials of setting up and configuring a Kafka cluster tailored to your needs.
  • Monitoring & Troubleshooting

    Equip yourself with tools and techniques to monitor Kafka's health, performance, and delve into troubleshooting common challenges.
  • Security & Access Control

    Guard your data streams by diving into Kafka's security mechanisms, from encryption to access controls, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Optimization & Performance Tuning

    Unleash the full potential of Kafka by exploring advanced optimization techniques, ensuring your streams operate at peak performance.

API Management with Kong

Kong redefines the way we perceive and work with APIs, serving as a robust gateway that manages both ingress and egress traffic. Embark on a journey to master Kong’s core, leverage its plugin architecture, and harness its potential as an enabler of efficient microservices communication in a cloud-native environment.

  • Introduction to Kong & Its Landscape

    Dive deep into Kong's essence, its positioning in the API gateway domain, and its significance in modern microservice architectures.
  • Plugin Development & Customization

    Master the art of extending Kong's capabilities through custom plugin development, tailoring its behavior to meet specific needs.
  • Kong's Integration with Service Mesh

    Understand Kong's role as a service mesh manager, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient inter-service communication.
  • Security, Rate Limiting & Best Practices

    Dive into Kong's security offerings, manage API traffic through rate limiting, and adopt best practices for optimum performance.

Advanced Networking: Envoy, eBPF, WASM and more

Envoy is reshaping the edge and service mesh domains, and its synergy with WASM and eBPF extends its capabilities to unforeseen horizons. Dive into this powerful trinity, understanding the essence of dynamic, efficient, and highly customizable networking. Master the techniques to extend Envoy’s functionalities, creating a robust and adaptive network layer.

  • Envoy Basics & Architecture

    Get acquainted with the core principles of Envoy, understanding its architecture, and its role in the modern service mesh ecosystem.
  • Extending Envoy with WASM

    Discover the potential of WebAssembly (WASM) in the context of Envoy. Develop and deploy custom extensions, enhancing Envoy's capabilities.
  • Deep Dive into eBPF

    Uncover the power of eBPF, creating efficient and dynamic network programs that integrate seamlessly with Envoy for high-performance use-cases.
  • Monitoring, Tracing & Best Practices

    Master the art of monitoring Envoy's operations, implementing tracing for better observability, and absorbing best practices for an optimized networking setup.