Expertise in the trenches.

Focused professional services & field engineering engagements to make platform software work for your unique challenges.

Platform infrastructure & Observability

Fortify your infrastructure and enhance system visibility. This service is intended to help customers streamline operations, improve system reliability, and facilitate technological innovation by ensuring the infrastructure is robust, observable, and primed for future advancements.

  • Installation & Migrations

    Navigate through Kubernetes installation and migrations on bare metal, ensuring optimized sizing and high availability.
  • Kubernetes Extensions

    Customize and enhance Kubernetes environments with tailored extensions like operators and controllers.
  • Terraform & Pulumi Providers

    Expand infrastructure as code capabilities with customized Terraform and Pulumi providers.
  • Observability Bolt-Ons (OTEL)

    Improve infrastructure observability with integrated OpenTelemetry for enhanced metrics.


Unlock the full potential of your data streaming platforms. Our field engineering services are designed to optimize the infrastructure and enhance the capabilities of your streaming processes, facilitating a smooth, efficient, and reliable flow of real-time dat

  • Installation, Sizing & Migrations

    Facilitate seamless installation and migration processes, ensuring that your streaming platforms are correctly sized and optimally configured for reliable performance and scalability.
  • Kafka Connectors

    Harness the power of Kafka Connectors to bolster the interoperability and flexibility of your streaming architectures, enabling streamlined data flows and enhanced integration capabilities.
  • Stream Processing Bolt-ons

    Amplify your stream processing capabilities with bolt-ons like Kafka Streams, Flink, KSQL, and SMTs, enhancing the agility and responsiveness of your streaming solutions.
  • Data Governance Integrations

    Strengthen your data governance stance with integrations that enhance security, compliance, and management, cultivating a more resilient and trustworthy streaming environment.

API Management

APIs are the bridges that connect the vast and varied technological landscapes. Our expertise in API-led connectivity is rooted in performance-centric gateways, adaptive service meshes, and developer-centric experiences. Moreover, we seamlessly integrate events with APIs, enabling dynamic interactions across your digital ecosystems.

  • Install & Migrate

    Effortlessly transition between API management systems with our installation and migration services, ensuring stability and performance continuity.
  • DevX for Internal & External Developer Platforms

    Enhance developer experience by streamlining processes and tools, fostering an environment conducive to productivity and innovation in internal and external platforms.
  • Custom Plugins (Lua plugins, Envoy/ WASM filters)

    Unlock new levels of customization and control in your API management through the integration of custom plugins such as Lua plugins and Envoy/WASM filters.
  • Custom Instrumentation for Tracing

    Enhance visibility and debugging capabilities with custom instrumentation, enabling refined tracing methodologies for improved operational insight.