Three Virtues

We will encourage you to develop the three great virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris. “ wrote Larry Wall (Programming Perl 1st edition). That was a tongue-in-cheek remark. But his observation holds good for any technology inititative.It is driven by ambition, skill and self-belief.

Successful delivery of technology initiatives requires a clear vision, depth of craft and a drive to get things done.


Platform Foundation

A strong platform foundation is a prerequsite for rolling out digital products and designning customer experiences.It also has to provide strong governance and security by design. This boils down to 5 things:

  1. A hybrid cloud foundation to operate across hyperscalers and private cloud or on-premise
  2. Continuous delivery infrastructure: Deliver faster & deliver better
  3. Modern integration: ESB & Legacy middleware are passe. Move to a future of event driven architecture
  4. Everything is a service: APIs provide abstraction & lifecycle management
  5. Polyglot data persistence & application runtime: Run any programming language and use any database

Specifically, we help deliver “fast start” accelerators involving best in breed technology choices based on our experience.

  • Kubernetes as a unified cloud native operating model: Clusters secured and CIS benchmarked for production usage. Delivered as Terraform & Ansible scripts with full lifecycle monitoring via Prometheus, Grafana (or your existing tooling)
  • Spinnaker, Tekton pipelines as code. Built to suit your stack and deployment cadence
  • Kafka or NATS as a cloud native event bus: Stream evemts, data & build reactive architectures
  • Kubernetes operators & service brokers to run almost any SQL, No-SQL datastore
  • Kong as a unified API Gateway & service control: Centralized observability, security & lfiecycle management of APIs

Platform Adoption

Changing behaviour is hard. Every CTO faces a dilemma of getting buyin from their organizations while managing risk. There is no silver bullet to solve this. However, incentivizing adoption through demonstration of value, assured support & expert assistance pays off eventually. The objective is to create an agile culture that embraces change.

Our consultants help you fine tune an approach that will facilitate internal developer relations and alignment.

  • Advance Guard: Analyze product portfolio across central IT, BU & projects to choose initial adopters
  • Onboarding Assistance: Provide relevant architecture guidance, training & process overhaul towards successful adoption
  • Heavy Lifting: Sometimes projects require major overhaul. We get our hands dirty to enable smoother transition
  • Troubleshooting & Support: Things always break. Teams need insurance and a guardian angel

Platform Operations

For many years, operations was a low priority in the engineering lifecycle. In 2021, DevSecOps & Site Reliability Engineering are mainstream and no longer the novel way to operate. Is your organization’s IT/DevOps/Security headcount growing along with the number of cloud resources or applications ? You may need to consider a different approach to deal with this situation.

We help customers industrialize cloud native application & platform operations.

  • Baselining SLOs: Current & desired state of your application, measured against the golden signals (latency, traffic, error rate & saturation)
  • Scaling & economics: The cloud can hyperscale, but this isn’t a free lunch. Architecture of scale is constrained by costs (or how not to let the cloud burn your pocket)
  • Improving observability: What you can’t observe, you cannot diagnose, debug or measure. Improve traceability of problems both before and after they occur
  • SecOps: Cloud & data security is a paramount concern. We live in a zero-trust world and security should be by design, not a bolt-on.

Product Engineering

Developing modern products or rewriting legacy is a full stack, full lifecycle exercise. While green field products bring a set of unknowns seeking exploration and rapid prototyping, legacy modernization can be a minefield of technical debt that requires a very risk metred approach.

Some universal first principles that hold:

  • Domain Driven Design: Understand your product’s domain & context map
  • Microservices & Functions: Approach models towards cloud native applications in general: Distributable and scalable
  • Data & APIs: Your services provide an interface to the external world. They also integrate & generate data. These are first class product concerns:
  • Microfrontends: Small is beautiful. This applies to your App experience too.