Accelerate achieving platform & product engineering goals.

10X (small a) agile engineering squads to deliver impact starting day zero.

Platform Engineering & Operations

Cloud infrastructure management is at the very base of platform operations. Today, infrastructure is an increasingly complex array of managed platform services with varying choices and differentiation across cloud providers. Kubernetes is a great leveler, but platform teams must own cross-cloud, multi-platform Infrastructure as Code, with a GitOps model in order to run sustainably. Our offering is an opportunity for the platform teams to leapfrog maturity and operate infrastructure at optimal cost across all major public cloud providers.

  • Infrastructure Automation

    Cross cloud landing zones and IAC, with full CI/CD GitOps and operational controls. Built on K8S, CrossPlane, Terraform, ArgoCD and FluxCD
  • Containers & Container Orchestration

    Overhaul or Replatform existing applications elegantly to production grade buildpacks and run on K8S
  • Observability

    Logging, tracing and overall observability with Apache Skywalking, Thanos, Prometheus, Grafana (or bring your own)
  • Operator & Extension Development

    Operator SDK or full blown K8S controllers to manage the operational lifecycle of your workloads

Data Integration & Real-time analytics

The Digital age and the resulting data rush brings forth not only big data but also fast data. In the new world order, centralized data lakes, warehouses (and teams) can no longer deliver the business requirements for delivering time to insight. Lambda architecture is passe, enter Kappa architecture and data mesh. This is no easy transition; Infact, it lies at the intersection of infrastructure, application integration, data engineering and analytics – all defined within the context boundaries of the business domain.

We help customers level up streaming maturity, with white glove assistance on a whole spectrum of Apache Foundation technologies.

  • Modern Data Infrastructure

    With Apache Druid, Apache Airflow, Apache Flink and Apache Kafka. Support global scale deployments on public, private and hybrid cloud
  • Data & Application Integration

    Develop connectors for Data sourcing & sinking from and to heterogenous systems (SaaS APIs, Databases, CDC and more ) with multi-modal data processing
  • Stream processing applications

    Develop resillient, fault-tolerant, real-time applications to statefully process event streams
  • Reactive Architecture

    Develop distributed, event-sourced architectures leveraging CQ(R)S and event-streaming based choreography.

Real-time ML & Gen AI

Real-time Machine Learning is where immediacy meets intelligence. In a world that thrives on split-second decisions, our offering is centered around seamlessly merging state-of-the-art techniques with enterprise systems. Dive into the nexus of rapid response and profound insights.

  • Low Latency Online Serving

    Achieve ultra-fast model predictions, making sure your AI-driven applications respond in the blink of an eye.
  • Feature Store Integration

    Centralize, store, and access real-time and historical feature data efficiently, ensuring consistency and speed in ML operations.
  • Vector Database Integration

    Integrate with cutting-edge vector databases, ensuring swift data retrievals, similarity searches, and more for real-time ML tasks.
  • LLM Fine-Tuning & Integration

    Refine and adapt Large Language Models for your specific needs, and seamlessly integrate them into your application ecosystem.

Cloud native applications

In the evolving tapestry of tech, cloud-native isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a craft. From monoliths to microservices, from events to APIs, we traverse this journey with a keen eye on design, strategy, and optimal execution.

  • Breaking the Monolith

    Transition from legacy structures to modular components, reimagining systems for the future.
  • Event-Driven Decoupling

    Establish fluid communication between decoupled components with an event-driven approach and CQRS.
  • Optimized API Integrations

    Bridge services with APIs that prioritize clarity, consistency, and coherent data exchange.
  • Build for a Cloud Native Reality

    Navigate the nuances of Kubernetes and cloud platforms, crafting solutions that resonate with today's tech landscape.