Accelerate achieving platform & product engineering goals.

10X (small a) agile engineering squads to deliver impact starting day zero.


Cloud Native DevOps & SRE

Cloud infrastructure management is at the very base of platform operations. Today, infrastructure is an increasingly complex array of managed platform services with varying choices and differentiation across cloud providers. Kubernetes is a great leveler, but platform teams must own cross-cloud, multi-platform Infrastructure as Code, with a GitOps model in order to run sustainably. Our offering is an opportunity for the platform teams to leapfrog maturity and operate infrastructure at optimal cost across all major public cloud providers.

  • Infrastructure Automation

    Cross cloud landing zones and IAC, with full CI/CD GitOps and operational controls. Built on K8S, CrossPlane, Terraform, ArgoCD and FluxCD
  • Containers & Container Orchestration

    Overhaul or Replatform existing applications elegantly to production grade buildpacks and run on K8S
  • Observability

    Logging, tracing and overall observability with Apache Skywalking, Thanos, Prometheus, Grafana (or bring your own)
  • Operator & Extension Development

    Operator SDK or full blown K8S controllers to manage the operational lifecycle of your workloads

Data & Event Streaming

The Digital age and the resulting data rush brings forth not only big data but also fast data. In the new world order, centralized data lakes, warehouses (and teams) can no longer deliver the business requirements for delivering time to insight. Lambda architecture is passe, enter Kappa architecture and data mesh. This is no easy transition; Infact, it lies at the intersection of infrastructure, application integration, data engineering and analytics – all defined within the context boundaries of the business domain.

We help customers level up streaming maturity, with white glove assistance on a whole spectrum of Apache Foundation technologies.

  • Modern Data Infrastructure

    With Apache Druid, Apache Airflow, Apache Flink and Apache Kafka. Support global scale deployments on public, private and hybrid cloud
  • Data & Application Integration

    Develop connectors for Data sourcing & sinking from and to heterogenous systems (SaaS APIs, Databases, CDC and more ) with multi-modal data processing
  • Stream processing applications

    Develop resillient, fault-tolerant, real-time applications to statefully process event streams
  • Reactive Architecture

    Develop distributed, event-sourced architectures leveraging CQ(R)S and event-streaming based choreography.

Microservices and APIs

They say you are what you eat; The same applies to (micro)services: You are the interface that you provide; New age architectures have resulted in an explosion of interface endpoints that require management of cross cutting concerns – security, traffic management, monitoring and much more. The quality of your APIs (managed like a product), in conjunction with the aforementioned concerns is a defining measure of how robust your platform architecture is. Not surprisingly, API management also sits at the ingress point of all FaaS and a whole host of related concerns.

We assist customers to manage API platform & product concerns in the context of modern software architecture and buildig a sustainable digital ecosystem that caters to developers.

  • Modern API Management

    Cloud native Gateway & Mesh infrastructure to secure and manage APIs at scale
  • API Ops & Observability

    API Monitoring and Performance management (including Analytics, Tracing) and SLO optimization
  • API Productization & Monetization

    Custom API Product Development with an outside-in, developer centric view
  • Custom plugins and extension development

    Bespoke integrations and high performance plugins for Envoy and Kong

SaaS Product Engineering

Digital natives SaaS business have been churning out unicorns after unicorns, year over year. Yet, the odds are still staked up. Ability to execute and a solid product is the most important ingredient of success. More than ever, founders need tech partners who can build & productionize MVPs while they bootstrap the actual business and raise the engineering team. Our offering is centred around 100% Agile squads that can be A-team to help you get off the ground quickly.

  • Multi-tenancy foundations

    Support single, multi and hybrid tenancy models along with cross cutting security, compliance, billing & metering concerns
  • Core product rapid development

    Robust backends with an API-first approach, in high performance polyglot runtimes
  • Data & Analytics

    Scalable analytics foundation to collect, analyze, process data and enable AI/ML based advanced possibilities
  • SRE & Product Operations

    Operational capability augmentation, including customer success, onboarding assistance and support