Confluent = Streaming, 10X better

Why Migrate to Confluent?

Founded by Kafka’s original developers, Confluent provides the most comprehensive distribution of Kafka with additional features to enhance your streaming experience at a massive scale.

Confluent’s cloud-native data streaming platform, powered by the Kora Engine, delivers elastic, resilient, cost-efficient, and performant event streaming capabilities. Join the 4500+ growing list of businesses that trust Confluent to power their data-driven decisions. Confluent’s data streaming platform lets companies stream, connect, process, govern, and securely share their data, unlocking their data’s full potential making it accessible and actionable in real time.

Say goodbye to the extensive development efforts and operational headaches of managing Open Source Apache Kafka in-house. Confluent in collaboration with Platformatory ensures swift, reliable, and secure implementation of Kafka use cases, allowing your teams to focus on developing real-time applications that truly add value to your business.

We’ve created a special offering to help you jumpstart your migration.

Platformatory is proud to be a part of Confluent’s Migration Accelerator, which is designed to streamline the transition from traditional messaging systems or open-source Kafka deployments to Confluent. Together, Platformatory and Confluent aim to alleviate the challenges and complexities associated with migration, enabling your organization to undertake your data streaming journey with confidence.

Migration: From other Kafka compatible platforms or messaging systems

  • Zero Downtime, Zero data-loss migrations

    Migrate from Kafka compatible platforms or other messaging systems with no risk of disruption
  • Optimize Kafka clients and applications

    Revision and Consolidate your streaming architecture for performance in the cloud, with opportunities in Flink, Kafka Streams, KSQL and Connect
  • Migrate your extended Kafka-ecosystem

    Schema Registry, Kafka Connectors (even custom ones), Kafka Streams, KSQL and Flink
  • Hybrid Operations for Kafka

    One platform across Cloud, Kubernetes and Baremtal/VM deployments, with 24x7 support

Migration Approach

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A strategic overhaul of your streaming nervous system

Why Platformatory?

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Expertise intersecting infrastructure, analytics and operational data